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Password Managers aren't scary.

image of keys as a suggestion for password functions

Continuing on some of the talks of passwords being hard, one great tool you can take advantage of is a password manager. There are many of them out there, including ones built into your browser. Here's some we are familiar with:

We currently use LastPass, since it offers some great flexibility for browsers, multi factor authentication, and ease of movement between multiple machines. However, most of the other tools offer similar features. One major important part that all of those include, that you might not get with offline password managers or browser specific options is the ability to organize and share with teams. Now, we don't usually advocate for shared credentials, but when it comes to pins, license IDs, or some of those pesky service accounts that you can't create unique credentials for, this can be a great way to go. It helps add a layer of accountability, and facilitates the ease of distributing new passwords when things need to change. From a security standpoint, as long as you have a good password set on your password manager and a multi factor authentication, then you by all means should use one. It makes it easier to maintain unique passwords for your accounts, and keeps you from wasting your valuable time on password reset processes. Do you have a favorite password manager we didn't list here? Or have questions on how a password manager can benefit your organization? Leave us a comment below or reach out to us directly at

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