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New York Office

Our Partners

We partner with leading technology and software providers to deliver the most effective solutions for our clients. This collaborative approach ensures clients receive the best solutions tailored to their specific needs including saving money, optimizing technology investments, and achieving business goals.

We license and support Google products ensuring proper setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. 

Jamf Partner logo.

We license and support Jamf products providing additional controls on your Apple products. Jamf is CVE authorized.

Microsoft logo.

We license and support Microsoft 365 products ensuring seamless integration and employee use. 

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We license and manage PII Protect tools to ensure our client's security and employee compliance. logo.

We are certified consultants helping clients build customized project management and tracking solutions.

Verkada logo.

We partner with Verkada to install and manage security systems that protect your company and people.

Compliancy Group logo.

We partner with Compliancy to support our clients with answers to complex HIPAA questions and needs.

Salt Studio logo.

We partner with one of the top commercial interior design companies offering work place solutions.

Synerix logo.

We partner with Synerix for the best high speed reliable network systems.

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